CSCI management is solutions-driven. Executive management orchestrates the best solutions for its customers by drawing on the experience and innovative problem-solving skills of its SMEs. All CSCI employees are encouraged to strive for excellence, and to achieve satisfying roles at the company as opportunities develop.

Linda LaRoche

Chief Executive Officer

As co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Computer Systems Center Incorporated (CSCI) since its inception in 1987, Linda LaRoche provides an energetic leadership style, respectful and constructive management, and the vision to effectively and successfully promote the capabilities of both its employees and its products. She understands that employees are the backbone of her team and works hard to attract the best talent available.

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Greg Shomo

President and Chief Financial Officer

As CSCI’s President and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Greg Shomo has more than 25 years of experience in various “C” class positions delivering successful results for entities ranging from small companies to large multi-billion-dollar corporations.

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Brett Coffee


Brett Coffee is Computer Systems Center Incorporated’s Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel and Secretary for the Springfield, Va. based defense contractor. CSCI focuses on defense and intelligence matters for the federal government, with a special emphasis on secure technology and information sharing. Mr. Coffee founded and worked as General Counsel for the SemperComm Foundation that provided morale and communications solutions to remote overseas military bases.

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Peter Anderson

Chief Technology Officer

As the chief technology officer for CSCI, Peter Anderson is a technology strategist. He identifies new, innovative products which can satisfy information technology requirements that previously seemed unachievable. He looks ahead, endeavoring to keep CSCI’s team on top of burgeoning federal government requirements for information security, modular certification and quality assurance.

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Lara Coffee

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

As Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Lara Coffee manages a growing information and outreach program for CSCI. She uses her broad expertise and experience in media relations, social media, and information technology and event management to direct a team of skilled public relations, marketing, fundraising and creative communications professionals. Together, they worked to develop the image and increase the awareness of both CSCI and its former nonprofit sister organization, the SemperComm Foundation.

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