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The customizable Cardinal CollaborateTM workflow management solution meets Protection Level 3 criteria

Springfield, Va., March 9, 2009 – The Cardinal SuiteTM line is among the integrated IT solutions and professional services being showcased by Computer Systems Center Incorporated (CSCI) at FOSE 2009, March 10-12 at the Washington Convention Center.

The Cardinal Suite is a multi-product set of solutions that incorporates a secure, cross-platform, web-based document management system with knowledge collaboration, and personnel access management solutions. The suite can be configured with an environment to meet any specific protection level (PL) criteria (2/3/4) with a turn-key, secure, PC-based computing environment.

Included in the suite are: Cardinal EnvironmentTM, the turn–key, secure, PC–based computing environment for offices requiring the highest levels of information assurance; Cardinal IDTM, a web–based solution for the management of access privileges, and Cardinal CollaborateTM, a secure data sharing and workflow management application. CSCI developed Cardinal Collaborate specifically for Department of Defense (DoD) clients with requirements to meet trusted information sharing needs and a PL3 environment. After extensive upgrades and enhancements, Cardinal Collaborate is able to run on multiple operating systems and is customizable to meet the specific requirements of an organization.

The integrated solution offers unmatched security, flexibility with existing environments and compatibility with multiple browsers. In addition, communities of interest are able to share information in a user-defined compartmentalized environment while ensuring that information is accessible only to those who need to know. This makes it ideal not only for the DoD, but other federal government agencies and commercial clients as well.

“For 22 years, our core clientele has consisted of Department of Defense customers. Our line of products and professional services have evolved to meet the rigorous security and high-priority data sharing requirements demanded by federal government agencies and organizations in today’s fast paced environment,” said Linda LaRoche, CEO of CSCI.

In addition, CSCI offers comprehensive professional services and subject matter expertise in the development, assurance and integration of IT solutions to meet the high demands of information sharing.

If you would like to learn more, please visit CSCI during the FOSE event at booth number1423 located in the Data Storage Center.

Media interested in in-person interviews during the event or more information, please contact Joanne Williams at (703) 923-7615.


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