Joseph Link

President and Chief Strategist, Advanced Technology

As co-founder, President and Chief Strategist, Advanced Technology, Joe Link works to keep CSCI at the forefront of key U.S. Department of Defense advanced technology initiatives. He takes the initial project lead of new major initiatives, guiding team focus on key complex technical and management issues and keeping the company strategy centered on performance and delivery.

Core to that strategy is creating new initiatives derived from past successes and unique CSCI-developed software and technical infrastructure. Mr. Link’s business strategy enables the company’s architectural, analytical, programming and engineering experts to focus on providing well-researched, honest and direct advice and assistance, free from business pressures. By taking input, observing how people work and utilizing learned best practices, Mr. Link has guided CSCI’s growth through investing continuously in internal corporate research and development. Thanks to his efforts, CSCI is its own research and development laboratory—building tools and products needed to improve the performance and abilities of CSCI first. Once proven in-house, these tools and advanced technologies are then deployed for clients.

The result of this strategy has been 30 years of continuous, rapidly increasing and challenging work for CSCI. Over the years, Mr. Link has further expanded CSCI’s capabilities, taking advantage of the goodwill CSCI has engendered with the Department of Defense. For example, he saw a need to provide on-going specialized analysis, engineering and management assistance to many joint operational commands and task forces; thus, CSCI grew to meet that demand. Assessment tasks during those assignments led to the development of numerous analytical tools, most of which CSCI now offers as part of its overall solution for clients. Advanced systems concepts and development brought to light the need for secured data management, which then led to a 10-year research and development effort of CSCI’s flagship product, the Trusted Information Infrastructure™, or TII™. TII™ was selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to form the basis of the Special Access Program Information Management System which is currently being used by the U.S. Under Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Prior to CSCI, Mr. Link served for 20 years with the U.S. Navy in various aviation assignments, culminating with identifying needs, initiating planning and leading the first major all-source carrier air wing study for the Chief of Naval Operations.

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