Peter Anderson

Chief Technology Officer

As CSCI’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Peter Anderson is a technology strategist. He identifies new, innovative products which can satisfy information technology requirements that previously seemed unachievable. He looks ahead, endeavoring to keep CSCI’s team on top of burgeoning federal government requirements for information security, modular certification and quality assurance. Since 1990, as a strategist, Mr. Anderson also assists government clients in formulating their information technology requirements and provides feedback on how those requirements may affect an agency’s policies and procedures.

Mr. Anderson has been supporting USMC MAWTS-1 ADT&E’s Tactical Demonstrations for the last ten (10) WTIs as both a technology participant and as an Information Security/Risk Mitigation advisor. Mr. Anderson has assisted MAWTS-1 in obtaining their bi-annual Interim-Approval-to-Operate (IATO) for their last six (6) TACDEMOs conducted during WTI events. Mr. Anderson and his team have assisted the ADT&E TACDEMO coordinator in identifying risk from various technology participants in WTI TACDEMOs. Recently, Mr. Anderson and his team worked with the USMC Trusted Handheld using commercial encryption as a replacement of Type-1 encryption using the NSA CSfC guidance.

Mr. Anderson has a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He has also completed the Chief Information Officer Academy through the University of South Carolina. He has architectural knowledge of Microsoft Client/Server Operating Systems and Application Suites, CISCO Switches and Routers, Lotus Notes, Novell, MAC OS, Computer Associates Unicenter and E-trust. Mr. Anderson was awarded Washington Technology’s Government Channel Leader Award.

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