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Systems Engineers & Analysts

Systems Engineer and Analysts

Since its inception, CSCI has employed System Engineers and System Analysts to perform a wide range of tasks for our customers leading to important operational and acquisition decisions. CSCI employs the Subject Matter Experts with various levels of security clearance and access, capable of working each phase of every project simultaneously, resulting in the continuous ability to serve as a Trusted Partner and Honest Broker. The company also employs one of the most technically competent and proficient support staffs in the industry to ensure the SMEs are postured to always meet the customer’s needs.

Each CSCI SME possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform a myriad of tasks. They are well versed in preparing Operational Concept Plans, developing Integrated Architecture views, and developing Acquisition Roadmaps based on current data that can contribute to making key acquisition decisions.

The Operational Concept Plans lay the groundwork and establish initial parameters by allowing customers to articulate requirements that can form the basis for follow-on operational analysis.

When developing System Architecture views, SMEs approach each project from the operational, engineering and technical perspective to ensure all aspects of the project are addressed. This allows the SME to identify customer requirements, system capabilities, and start to formulate recommendations for possible solutions.

CSCI SMEs also develop Acquisition Roadmapping plans from the operational, engineering and technical views and work these plans in concert with all phases of system analysis. Additionally, the integration of Acquisition Roadmapping, architecture, analysis and reduction and analysis of resulting data ensures the complete coordination of all milestone/event planning leading to the best possible recommendation of solutions to the customers’ problems.

When SE&A SMEs identify requirements for roadmapping, analysis or data management, protection and distribution, they work cross-functionally with our network engineers and software developers to create a more cost effective and efficient processes to support the clients.  Through work with our systems integration and information assurance engineers, CSCI has developed a Dynamically Adaptive, Secure Computing Area Network (DASCAN) framework that has been accredited by both DSS and the USMC to operate on classified networks.  This accredited solution leverages a virtualization platform with a base security framework to enable the customer to quickly and safely test, evaluate and deploy new capabilities in both stand-alone and networked secure computing environments.

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Studies and Analysis

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