Day In The Life

A Day in the Life – Greg


What is your title? Describe what you do. 

I am currently the Training Team Lead for the CSCI Marine Training Team.

The Training Team Lead is responsible for the design, development, and delivery of all training curriculum supporting the Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S). I serve as the single point of contact for the training team to the Program Manager’s office, coordinating curriculum delivery, team travel, and assignment of tasks that support our customer.

What drew you to CSCI? Why did you choose to work here?

I received a call from another team member and former Marine that was part of the training team and he asked if I would be interested in joining the team.  I originally chose CSCI based on the training team’s customer. We would be supporting some of the same Marines that we had served with.  After working with CSCI, and seeing the culture and employee focus, I choose to stay because there is a genuine concern for the employee’s success and the quality of support those employees provide to the customer.  These things are not just slogans at CSCI, they are the mission and focus of everyone.

How was the switch for you?

The switch to CSCI was smooth. During my first years with CSCI I was a remote employee, working from home. The work from home environment was new for me but CSCI has a great structure to keep employees “in the fold” and informed.  I now work from the corporate offices in Springfield, VA. After making the move from remote to in-person, I can confirm from personal observation that the information that is supplied to the remote employees is the same for everyone that works from the office.  CSCI had an effective transition to a remote status when the COVID pandemic made it necessary.  It was an effective transition because of the time-tested process that CSCI has been using for all of our remote teams.

What makes CSCI different than your previous workplaces?

Every company says they care about their employees’ success and will treat you like family.  I have found that to be true at only one company, CSCI.  Each employee is given the opportunity for self-improvement and continuing education.  CSCI views employee education as something that makes CSCI stronger. Many companies fear employees becoming highly trained; worrying that they will seek out new employment. Because CSCI cares for our people and has cultivated an environment where a better trained employee makes a better CSCI, more training opens more opportunity within CSCI.  If you take care or your people, they take care of you, and this means everything at CSCI.

What do you like best about working at CSCI?

Culture. To me, the culture is what makes a company great. CSCI’s culture includes a willingness to involve everyone in an environment that makes you truly feel as though you are part of every process.  Even as a remote employee traveling back to Springfield, everyone welcomes you as if you have been in the office with them every day. Very few companies have a genuine care for their employees like CSCI has.

What is an example of a success story you have had at CSCI? How did you achieve success on that project or endeavor?

The training team was scheduled to support training events spread out through a four (4) year period.  Due to unforeseen delays, the delivery period was condensed.  Ultimately given only a two (2) year period, the training team was still able to accomplish the mission.  Every member of the training team stepped forward to spend extended periods of time on the road to do their part to complete our mission.

Without every team member doing their part, and the support of CSCI to make the travel as seamless as possible, we could not have completed the task.  Every member of the team rose to the occasion and supported each other through a time when it could have been easy for it to fall apart.  Every part of the team lived up to the CSCI commitment to our customers, “Make it Happen.”

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a role like yours? Are there specific character traits or skills/certifications you should possess?  

You should always be looking for opportunities to learn.  Take every opportunity to grow and learn from those around you, no matter the role each person holds within your company.  Everyone has something to teach you.

You will need a very organized nature or be willing to work on organization.  Managing multiple tasks with differing statuses can be challenging, along with a remote team that covers multiple time zones.  With proper organization and prioritization, you will not find yourself overworked.  Plus, this gives you the time to focus on the most important part of your job, the team of people that count on you.

What’s on your playlist when you’re focusing on a project at work and when you travel?

Country and more Country music. George Strait, George Jones, Willy Nelson, Merle Haggard, Jonny Cash, etc.  If I’m working on a detailed project, I listen to nature sounds through the Calm application on my phone.

What has helped you stay focused during this pandemic remote work situation? How have you adapted professionally?

While the pandemic has changed the way we live, we have been extremely lucky to not see too much change in the way we work.  The biggest change is travel considerations for the team.

Adapting my perspective to how each person views their own situation during the pandemic has been key.  Each individual has their own concerns and worries that are amplified when you consider the nature of what we do as a team.  Being onsite to train now comes with an added risk that we must all decide for ourselves whether or not to take on.  As the team continues to serve our customer, I am proud to see when we are needed the most, the team has stepped forward. We are continually focused on the important task or preparing our countries warfighters with the training necessary to fight and win when called.

When things get closer to normal, what is the first thing you want to do that you cannot do right now?

I want to watch my son and daughter play sports again.  The hardest part of the pandemic are the memories and growth that has been taken from our children.  No one can get time back and it is sad to see our children miss so much during the carefree days of their lives.

How will this unprecedented time change your perspective?

I now spend more time recognizing the things that I have taken for granted before.  Every CSCI employee has been supported through the pandemic in ways that many others have not been as fortunate to have.  In a time when others do not know what they will do tomorrow to make ends meet, we have all had a solid foundation of CSCI support that has let all of us worry about one less thing.  I hope to never lose this new perspective as life returns to normal.  Sometimes we are too quick to forget the blessing of the past, in the frustrating times of the present, and make poor decisions for our future.