Day In The Life

A Day in the Life – Betsy


What is your title? Describe what you do. 

My title is Database Design Engineer. I support and develop internal processes that help to run the business. The applications I design allow for workflow and approval processes.

What drew you to CSCI? Why did you choose to work here? How was the switch for you?

CSCI is a small business that cares about work/family balance. I also am a Notes developer and have been for 27 years. CSCI appreciates the skills and experience I offer. I am offered a lot of professional freedom to develop applications and I enjoy my work.

I have worked here for 20 years. I guess when I “switched” to working for CSCI, it was very smooth. CSCI allowed me to work from home and has trusted me to get the job done from day one.

What makes CSCI different than your previous workplaces?

Actually, CSCI has been similar to many workplaces I have worked prior to CSCI. But, I would say there is a sense of family at CSCI that I may not have experienced at other jobs.

What do you like best about working at CSCI?

My favorite thing about working for CSCI is working for my group leader. Yvonne Scanlan is such a professional. She knows when to lead and when to allow me to follow my own path. She doesn’t micromanage her employees and she gets the best out of me.

What is an example of a success story you have had at CSCI? How did you achieve success on that project or endeavor?

An example of a success story for me was taking importing information from a system outside of CSCI’s applications into our system. For years, the data was manually entered and took several days, with the risk of errors when entering the data. By writing some code that took a few days to develop, I save many man hours every month. I am very proud of that accomplishment.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a role like yours? Are there specific character traits or skills/certifications you should possess?  

My role with the company is very unique, but in order to have a role like mine, I advise someone to listen to the employees and try to come up with applications that will save them time and are easy to use. A specific character trait needed would be empathy, and lack of arrogance. My job requires someone who acknowledges they do not know all about how a problem should be solved. Good listening is a must.

What’s on your playlist when you’re focusing on a project at work and when you travel?

I like complete quiet when I am working or focusing on a project. When I’m not working, I listen to country music and folk music. I love the Indigo Girls and Bonnie Raitt.

What has helped you stay focused during this pandemic remote work situation? How have you adapted professionally?

I have worked remotely for 22 years, so I have not had to adapt.

When things get closer to normal, what is the first thing you want to do that you cannot do right now?

Come into the office and see all the other employees. Though I work from home and have for 22 years, I do look forward to our staff meetings.

How will this unprecedented time change your perspective?

My perspective has not changed.