Systems Engineers & Analysts

Your network, our process, a secure solution. CSCI’s systems engineers and analysts are highly adept and capable of performing a wide range of tasks that impact operational and acquisition decisions. We hire technically competent and proficient SMEs who are well-versed in preparing operational concept plans, developing integrated architecture views, and creating acquisition roadmaps based on current data.

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Our Process

Initial Planning

Systems Engineers Analysts Server Room

We create operational concept plans to lay the groundwork and establish initial parameters by allowing customers to articulate requirements that can form the basis for follow-up operational analysis.

“Our focus is to be a trusted entity in support of our customer. We bring the experience, judgement, and knowledge to help them navigate decisions.”

Richard Ross

System Architecture Development

When developing system architecture views, system engineering, and analysis, SMEs approach each project from the operational, engineering, technical, and security perspective to ensure all aspects of the project are addressed.

Acquisition Roadmapping

When developing acquisition roadmapping plans, SMEs consider the operational, engineering, and technical views. Our team works these plans in concert with all phases of system analysis, ensuring the complete coordination of all milestone/event planning, leading to the best possible recommendation of solutions.


When SMEs identify requirements for roadmapping, analysis, data management, protection, and distribution, they work cross-functionally with our network engineers and software developers to create more cost-effective and efficient processes.