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Technology Roadmapping


In today’s rapidly changing technology landscape decision makers need a tool to visualize technology needs alongside developing capabilities, and to craft technology plans that align to national security strategic guidance. They need to make effective funding decisions in a competitive financial environment, and develop a budget defense rationale by illustrating linkages among research programs, acquisition programs and requirements.

Planners have to quickly evaluate the status of S&T programs and their applicability to warfare requirements. They simultaneously must examine program execution options that contribute to an integrated development and acquisition strategy.

Additionally, managers need to communicate mission priorities to their internal teams, direct industry partners toward identified needs, and market the organization’s achieved and planned successes to customers.


CSCI determined that the best method for storing, managing, and displaying the management roadmap was a robust and flexible software tool. It must have customizable display capabilities that could be hosted on a web-accessible server, permitting broad access and timely dissemination of the uniquely configured Technology Roadmap.

The database is a versatile entity that permits the user to construct macroscopic views of the science and technology (S&T) landscape, while retaining the ability to focus on the details of a particular warfare gap, program, or product.

After researching various options, CSCI selected a highly-flexible, interactive software tool called Milestones Professional®. Then, CSCI invested corporate resources to customize the Milestones application to produce a solution that addresses client specific needs.

Further, the interconnected format includes hyperlinks to key performance parameters, quad chart overviews, transition reports, business plans, and technology transition agreements. Embedded notes provide additional information on program details, current and planned funding, and program points of contact. There are color-coded timelines that identify major events, demonstrations, and expectations for when S&T enabling programs transition to specific programs of record. And, though there is a vast amount of information efficiently consolidated in the current Technology Roadmap, there remains considerable growth and adaptation opportunity.


The CSCI Technology Roadmap was created to share information across a broad spectrum of users, and to allow warfighters and defense professionals to access and use the data to support various mission objectives. Among the data managed is 176 Navy and Marine Corp warfighting Gaps, 194 Enabling Capabilities (EC), 460 Future Naval Capability (FNC) Products, 155 Discovery and Invention (D&I) Thrusts, and well over 100 other technology development programs.

The CSCI team brings decades of Subject Matter Expertise that spans not only defense operations, acquisitions, and technology development, but also dedicated concentration on collaborating with client team-members to provide the precise product they seek.

Additionally, due to their expertise and familiarity with the Technology Roadmap, the CSCI team quickly adapts the Roadmap database, and delivers customized products that satisfy the myriad of unique data, information, and presentation requests. One example of this is an adaptation to track and visually display system acquisition plans and details including numbers of systems to be deployed to over 20 different locations.


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