United States Coast Guard Patriot Award

The Employee Support of the Guard and Reserve awards this on behalf of the Department of Defense. This awards program is designed to recognize employers for employment policies and practices that are supportive of their employees’ participation in the National Guard and Reserve.

Ms. Linda LaRoche and CSCI are cited for their superb support and goodwill to members of the National Guard and Reserve. Adopting personnel policies and demonstrating leadership and management skills that make it easier for employees to participate, CSCI supported Commander Robert Newton’s call to serve his country as a member of the Coast Guard Reserve and thereby played an important role in maintaining the strength and readiness of our National Guard Reserve. Willingly supporting Commander Newton’s recall to active duty during the period 2 February 2003 to 9 June 2003, CSCI significantly contributed to the Coast Guard’s National Defense and Homeland Security missions during Operations IRAQI FREEDOM and LIBERTY SHIELD. While his recall to active duty created an instant personnel gap and management challenges, CSCI fully supported and showed great flexibility in allowing Commander Newton to immediately assume his Reserve recall duties. This sacrifice permitted the Coast Guard Headquarters Office of Defense Operations to quickly assume Coast Guard positions within the National Military Command Center; providing Coast Guard maritime safety and security expertise to the Department of Defense during an important time in our nation’s history. Exhibiting a strong, caring attitude for its employees, CSCI regularly contacted Commander Newton, ensuring he and his family were aware of the options for maintaining benefits during the transitions to and from active duty service. Ms. LaRoche’s and CSCI’s actions and continued support of the Coast Guard, the National Guard, and the Reserve are most heartily commended and in keeping with the true spirit of patriotism.